17 March, 2013

The Birth Story :)

Well forgive me for not writing in forever, but things got hectic and stayed hectic and I just put my blog on the back burner, but now I am back at least with the birth story and I will try to keep more updated from here on out, even if it is only once a month.

Since I haven't written since we were 18 weeks I guess do a quick fill in of what the rest of the pregnancy was like before I get down to the birth. At 20 weeks we found out that there was a 75% chance that we were having a boy, that number continued to rise until it was confirmed at birth. He loved to show off his boy parts as often as he could at every ultrasound and in the last month and a half decided that it would be fun to hide his face so mommy and daddy had to guess what he looks like. The first time he hid his face behind his feet, the second time he curled into my back, and the third time he covered his face very blatantly with his hands. At the beginning of the third trimester my body decided that it was done with being pregnant, by that I mean anything that could ache started to ache. I ended up having to try out a chiropractor which didn't do a whole lot and then I indulged in a maternity massage that got all my knots out and allowed me to feel a ton better. Memphis was a very active child up until he was born, I had a lot of fun watching my stomach during the last trimester it would almost always be moving as he would shove his butt up on one side of my tummy and stick his elbow out the other side. Well that is about all that happened during the last trimester, once I get home and can look at my pregnancy book I will maybe add to this a little more or make another post.

Well on to the birth story, on 13 March we had an OB appointment and found out that Memphis wasn't gaining weight and was the same weight he was at our appointment the week before. We knew that he was going to be a small baby but were a little surprised at the fact that it was something that the OB wanted to induce for so that he can get out into the real world and enjoy boob food and get some weight on since he was only measuring at 5 pounds. Since we had a late appointment she couldn't get us set up with a perinatology appointment set up so we had instructions about having to wait til the next day and they will get back with us. So we went home and went to bed knowing that we may be induced the next day, which of course meant on 14 March I woke up bright and early at 0400, I was nervous and anxious and wanted to know whether by the end of the day I would be a mommy or not. I decided killing time was in our best interest seeing as it was so early that I read until it was time to take Jared to work then Sophia and I went shopping for some fun things for her to do as well as last minute socks, mittens and random little things that we hadn't gotten for baby yet. Then finally we got an appointment with perinatology, I sent Sophia with her mom in hopes that we would be delivering soon and went on in, they measured him and said he was measuring small (and with no hair) but that everything looked healthy and great and that there was no reason for them not to induce me. I left that appointment with the instructions to go get my hubby, get lunch, and come on in to be induced. By 1300 we were here at the hospital waiting, by 1600 we had my Daddy here and had contractions starting.

I cursed myself with saying that contractions weren't bad at all since I couldn't feel them and my Dad pointed out that they were only little contractions and not to wait too long to get the epidural so that I wasn't writhing in pain. So I waited it out a little while since I was only 1/2 cm dilated and only got IV pain medication instead of the epidural. At 2000 my OB came in and broke my water and the really intense horrible contractions started to the point that I couldn't handle them anymore, I was shaking and nearly crying with every contraction so I decided I really needed the epidural and got it. It made me a little sick but then I was fine and very nicely numb to the point that my feet were tingly like they were asleep. I was finally able to catch a little bit of sleep and was dilating really slow which gave my mom a chance get here. She got here at 0100 and I was at a 3+ in dilation. Then they checked me at 0200 and I was at a 5 so we all decided to take a nap since we had time. The nurses woke me up at 0330 and figured out that I was at a 10 and called my OB because it was time to get our baby boy here. They set up the room and at 0505 on 15 March after 13 hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing Memphis Gene Madsen arrived. He weighed 5 pounds 1 ounce and was 17 inches long. He instantly latched just fine and has been eating like a champ every 1-3 hours. He has only lost 2 ounces since birth which is what they are watching the closest. He is maintaining his blood sugar perfectly, tested negative for jaundice, is maintaining his temperature great and has awesome lungs and heart functions. He also has had lots and lots of nice little dirty diapers, he is just our perfect little man.

Well here are some pictures of him after he was born and up til now. Today we get to take him home and he can hopefully meet his sister on this awesome St. Patrick's Day.

Getting weighed 5 lbs 1 oz

Daddy and Baby
First Picture

I love this picture

Me holding Memphis for the first time

Getting cuddles

Cuddling with Memphis between feedings

Nana Susie and Memphis

Getting loves from Nana

Sleepy Daddy and sleepy Memphis

Taking the pacifier for the first time

Linking his fingers all funny

Me sleeping with Memphis

Our Happy Little Family

We will post more later, hopefully the next picture will be the full family with Sophia meeting her baby brother. 

Maddy, Jared, Sophia
and Memphis

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