13 April, 2012

My Grandpa

I am the luckiest girl in this world to have a Grandpa like mine. It makes me very sad that I will never here the phrase "Take care of my chickadee." ever again, but at the same time very comforting because it is Grandpa's and my thing. My grandpa was an amazing man, he was an amazing Grandpa, a wonderful father, and a brilliant entomologist. My Grandpa Gene passed away last night at 22:49 from a blood disorder that he has been fighting for 20 years.

My Grandpa will be missed very much. Now I am going to post some pictures and call it a night, this week has been exhausting.

Me, Gramma & Grampa

Grampa, Gramma & Me

Me, Gramma & Grampa

Grampa holding me for the first time. 


Grampa Gene

Andrew & I helping Grampa pick apples.

Me & Grampa at the Amman family reunion

Grampa & Andrew

Grampa, Me, Gramma & Andrew at Escalante

Grampa & Andrew

Grampa napping with Barney

My favorite picture of all time.
Me giving Grampa kisses.

Maddy, Jared, Arrow, Taz
& MiMi

02 April, 2012

Day 10

Since a lot of things have changed in my life I figured that I would update the survey I did a long time ago.... So here are some things about the author of this blog. Enjoy :)

I am... Madeline Madsen
I want... a house and kids
I have... an amazing family
I wish... it was summer already so we can go camping.
I hate...  being cooped up indoors
I fear... the unknown
I hear... my hubby talking to me :)
I search... for answers 
I wonder... what this year will bring
I regret... nothing
I love... my husband and step-daughter
I ache... when I overdue it
I always... love spending time with my family
I usually... am very smart
I am not... your average woman
I dance... when I want to
I sing... when I hear a song I love
I never... let myself get taken advantage of.... anymore
I rarely... let things get to me
I cry... when I hurt, emotionally or physically
I am not always... the perfect person
I lose... at nothing, just kidding. At poker, quite frequently
I am confused... about things I will never know the answer to
I need... to start going on hikes more often
I should... follow my dreams and never settle