06 May, 2012

Day 1- Beef Stew, Mashed Potatoes, and Cornbread

Hey All. Sorry it has been so long since I wrote last, life has swept me up and continually kept me busy for a while. Well I don't have too much new to add so I am thinking at least for the next little while I will go on a cooking kick on here as well as in my kitchen.

I think I will be fattening hubby up some here in the next little bit with my cooking. I have been cooking a new dish almost every night (have to give a break so we can eat leftovers if there are any) but for the most part there is at least six new dishes a week. I know that I have seen others do this on a cooking blog but I figured it would be fun to incorporate it into my own blog instead of creating a new one.

So we have been cooking for the past 2 weeks so far and I have made everything from meatloaf to artichoke dip to mac and cheese. I don't have many of pictures of those and to be honest a leftover picture is not a flattering one so starting today I will take y'all on an adventurous cooking adventure with me. I will link the recipe that I am cooking from or will put in the recipe incase y'all want to try it.

Last night was Homemade Beef Stew, I served it with cornbread and mashed potatoes. It should be yummy and it is a little time consuming which is nice since I am on my own cooking today. Well here is the link to this hopefully yummy meal: Beef Stew.

And here are some pictures of the process and the final product:

The ingredients for the most part:
onion, bay leaves, salt, paprika, ground cloves, worcestershire sauce

The beginnings of stew



Stew cooking yum

Mashed Potatoes on to boil

Cornbread in the oven

The finished plate

The finished stew


Mashed potatoes

This recipe was a hit in my house it is super filling and yummy.

Tonight is Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy and Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.

Maddy, Jared, Arrow,
Taz & MiMi